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No matter how far, how long, or how often you travel, E-Insure can provide the right insurance cover for you. We ensure you are covered for travel essentials such as medical expenses, repatriation and emergency evacuation.

Baggage loss, travel delays and cancellation insurance are also available, and of course cover applies from the moment you leave home to travel to your place of departure, ending upon your return.

We can offer per trip or annual policies for trips lasting up to as many as 180 days. An annual policy can be the most economical choice if you travel frequently. Family policies are also available from some insurers.

If you intend to take part in sports such as skiing or scuba diving, it pays to check as many policies exclude damage or injury caused during participation. Some companies cover these sports and others will cover it for an additional premium.

We can provide special policies for students traveling and studying overseas. Policies can cover up to 2 years and include cover for things like study interruption due to illness.

We can also offer policies which meet the requirements of the Schengen Countries Agreement if you are planning a visit to Europe with your Thai partner.

For temporary visitors to Thailand we can offer inbound travel insurance plans.

Reasonable all-round coverage including THB 1 million for medical expenses and emergency evacuation and repatriation is available from as little as THB 40 a day per person for 14 days coverage.

Always bear in mind, a holiday can take months to plan and seconds to ruin.
Do not compound your misery by having inadequate protection. Contact E-Insure every time you travel for adequate protection and complete peace of mind.