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E-Insure provide English language insurance support to foreign residents (expatriates) of Thailand, and to those about to arrive in Thailand.
E-Insure also provides:

  • Free assistance and consultation for the purchase of most forms of insurance
  • Access to a large selection of Thai-based insurance products for Thais and expatriates
  • A variety of special needs insurance packages for those who just want to “click and buy”
  • A wide selection of international insurance plans for expatriates
  • The largest selection of health insurance plans available in Thailand
  • Full after-sale assistance and support, as needed, in dealing with the hospital, the insurance company, and the filing of insurance claims

Which is the wisest option for you?

  • You purchase directly from the insurance company and become “their insured”

Or –

  • You purchase through E-Insure and still become “their insured,” but also become “our client”
  • The cost to you is exactly the same either way

Also –

  • E-Insure take a personal approach to claims handling and will be there to help you every step of the way. There is continual follow-up, and all of our clients are kept informed of all developments.
  • With whom do you speak with in the event of difficulty with a claim?
  • If you are in dispute with the insurance company to whom do you turn to for assistance?
  • As we are independent we represent you, not the insurance company – a factor that can make a big difference when it comes to the favourable settlement of a claim.

And Remember –

  • Insurance companies tend to want to sell you what they have, not actually what you need
  • Our support staff can communicate in both Thai and English and have many years of experience in the insurance industry