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According to Thai law both passenger vehicles and motorcycles are required to have compulsory insurance. However, this provides only modest cover for damage to people, not property. This fact together with a brief drive in and around Bangkok should provide you with sufficient evidence to convince you that a more comprehensive insurance cover is probably more appropriate. Put quite simply, in the event of an accident you cannot rely upon the other party having adequate insurance, and so there is every chance that the only insurance that you will be able to make a claim on is your own.

We therefore recommend that you choose a first class insurance: sometimes better known as fully comprehensive insurance. If you cannot obtain this due to the age of your vehicle 2nd Class insurance is a reasonable choice. In either case coverage will include the following:

  • Medical Treatment to cover treatment of driver and third parties
  • Third Party Liability to cover any damage you may cause to people and/or property
  • Damage to your own vehicle (with 2nd Class Insurance only in the event of a collision with another vehicle)
  • Bail Bond that is necessary in the event that you are arrested and detained by the police
  • Personal Accident for injury to driver, passengers and third parties

Motor Insurance for Thailand based expatriates | Tony Dabbs


We deal with a range of proven reliable motor vehicle insurers, including those that offer 24 hour roadside assistance in English – something that is a huge advantage for foreigners living in Thailand who require motor insurance.