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Health insurance for expats in Thailand | Health insurance Thailand cost | Health insurance Thailand foreigners offers a complete, comprehensive range of health insurance plans for expats in Thailand and worldwide and Thai nationals. We advise of a range of health insurance Thailand cost parameters and can tailor solutions to fit all budgets.

We are independent which means we can advise on which companies can help choose the most suitable policies for you, your family or your employees. Our business grew out of the lack of information about health insurance for foreigners living in Thailand, and founder Tony Dabbs built a reputation as the leading expert in all aspects of health insurance for Thailand based foreigners. This tradition continues under the management of BSI Broker (Thailand) Limited.

Group polices can be designed to fit specific needs and offer the best cover available from the most well known providers, (those with excellent customer service and claims services), along with our own specialist advice. These policies can also incorporate local staff in any location.

Buying good, reliable health insurance in Thailand  can present a minefield of confusing information. Subtle differences in language usage for instance can have a huge impact. For example, for someone with high blood pressure considering two insurers points of view:

From one, “If you have suffered from high blood pressure or high cholesterol before your date of entry to the plan, you will never be covered for cardio vascular problems or strokes.”

And from another, “If your blood pressure with medication is managed within acceptable limits, we will not cover the routine maintenance of your condition, but we will cover you in the event of a heart attack or a stroke.”

Do you clearly understand the different approaches above? We do!

Although the previous case is an extreme example, it does pay to seek proper advice before committing to an insurer, particularly if it is likely to be a long-term commitment. And there’s no-one better place to give you the best advice than offers a wide selection of policies that range from major medical in-patient-only for coverage in the event of “disaster,” through to complete medical plans with extensions for out-patient, maternity, dental, optical and even medical checkups.
We can also provide medical polices for senior citizens over the age of 65.

Note – Medical insurance coverage varies tremendously, as do the premiums.