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To protect your business against major threats, the SME packaged insurance plans are probably preferable. For a single annual premium coverage will include:

  • All Risks or Named Perils Property insurance for things such lightning, explosion or malicious acts of vandalism
  • Burglary
  • Third party liability for bodily injury within your premises
  • Damage to plate glass
  • Cost of extinguishing a fire
  • Removal of debris
  • Moving into temporary premises*
  • Loss of income*

*Please note, the coverage can be fairly low, and you must prove the financial loss through the use of financial statements

The sub-limits can be fairly low for things like burglary but they can sometimes be increased by paying an additional premium or be supplemented by a stand-alone policy.

Following the flooding in 2011 re-insurance has been difficult to obtain, so policies may come with low sub-limits for flooding and earthquake, if in fact they cover them at all.

General exclusions will normally include wooden or part wooden premises, gold bullion, gold, jewelry, gemstones, paintings and related items.