Welcome to E-Insure Thailand

Welcome to E-Insure Thailand | Expat insurance Thailand | Tony Dabbs


The entire process of purchasing insurance in Thailand has just become much easier for you.

E-Insure is a unique organisation, designed to fill a genuine void that previously existed in the insurance industry in Thailand.

We constantly strive to achieve our ambition – “to actually provide the products we feel satisfy our client’s requirements.”

For expatriates living in Thailand for example, many things simply do not work the way they are used to in their home countries, with insurance planning being a prime example.

Finding the right insurance policy to suit your circumstances can be a daunting and stressful experience.

Trying to decipher the “small print” can be confusing even when you are in your own country, with tables of benefits and descriptions that seem to be designed to confuse.

E-Insure makes the whole process of buying insurance in Thailand much more understandable and practical for you , with full personalised support in English.